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The New York Times: Spring Gallery Guide

Theodore Roszak "an amazing exhibition" at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

by Ken Johnson

“Chelsea Galleries, Like a Box of Chocolates”
The New York Times: Spring Gallery Guide, April 21, 2016
by Ken Johnson

“Theodore Roszak (1907-1981) is best known as a Modernist sculptor of futuristic constructions and expressionistic welded-steel works. An amazing exhibition here, “Theodore Roszak: “Propulsive Transfiguration, a Survey of Drawings From 1928 to 1980,” reveals him to have been one of the 20th century’s great draftsmen. In large, mostly black-and-white works from the 1950s on, Mr. Roszak channeled Bosch, Dali and pulp science fiction to create visions of terrific spiritual turbulence, weirdness, horror and ecstasy.”


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