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Raphael & Moses Soyer

June 4 – July 20, 1990


Press Release

Raphael and Moses Soyer were twins born in Russia on December 25, 1899. The brothers came to New York City in 1912 and shortly thereafter began studying art, examining the figure, and portraying the human condition.

As the years passed, Raphael and Moses remained close. However, the twins felt a strong need to exert their artistic independence and establish their own identities. During their lifetimes they were

particularly sensitive about hanging their art in the same exhibitions, so though a seemingly obvious subject, rarely is the art of Raphael and Moses Soyer hung together for comparison. Raphael & Moses Soyer is composed of a selection of paintings and drawings by the Soyer brothers spanning over half a century and presents a unique opportunity to view the art of Raphael and Moses Soyer side by side.