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Federico Castellon: Surrealist Paintings Rediscovered, 1933-1934

September 12 – October 31, 1992



Press Release

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of twenty-two rediscovered Surrealist paintings by Spanish-born American artist Federico Castellon (1914-1971).

These paintings by Castellon are extremely early examples of American Surrealism. They have never before been seen or exhibited and represent the lost works by one of the premier figures in American Surrealism.

Castellon's paintings of 1933 and 1934 offer an exciting, unique vision as he synthesized formal elements of geometric abstraction and cubism with a surrealist vocabulary. The images depict fragmented figures which occupy dramatic, ambiguous spaces. Resulting are futuristic and often machine-like human forms. A vibrant and imaginative palatte enhances the fantastic quality of Castellon's Surrealist compositions.

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery is the exclusive representative of the Estate of Federico Castellon.