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Naked at the Edge: Bob Thompson

September 8 – October 31, 2015

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Bob Thompson (1937-1966)
Untitled (Mountains), 1958-59
oil on canvasboard mounted on wood panel
16" x 12", signed and dated

Bob Thompson (1937-1966)
The Casting of the Spell, 1960
oil on wood
7 3/4" x 20 3/8", signed and dated

Bob Thompson (1937-1966)
Stairway to the Stars, c.1962
oil and photostat on Masonite
40" x 60", signed

Bob Thompson (1937-1966)
The Circus, 1963
oil on canvas
36 3/8" x 36 3/8", signed and dated

Bob Thompson (1937-1966)
The Golden Ass, 1963
oil on canvas
62 1/2" x 74 1/2", signed

Bob Thompson (1937-1966)
Untitled (Augustus), 1963
gouache on two sheets of paper from an art history book joined by a third on the verso
12 1/4" x 17 3/4"
signed and dated

Bob Thompson (1937-1966)
Untitled (Michelangelo's Fall of Phaeton), 1963
gouache on paper (page from art catalogue)
12 1/8" x 8 3/4", signed and dated

Bob Thompson (1937-1966)
Adam and Eve, 1964
gouache on printed paper
10 7/8" x 10 3/8", signed and dated

Bob Thompson (1937-1966)
Untitled, 1964
oil on canvas
16" x 12", signed and dated



Press Release

About Bob Thompson
Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Robert Louis (Bob) Thompson (1937-1966) studied at Boston University (1955) and the University of Louisville (1956-1958). He spent the summer of 1957 in Provincetown, where he was introduced to the expressive figurative work of Jan Muller, Hans Hofmann and Red Grooms. During the early 1960s Thompson traveled abroad extensively and spent time in Paris, Ibiza, and Rome. In 1963, artist friend Lester Johnson introduced him to Martha Jackson of the Martha Jackson Gallery, New York, where he had solo exhibitions in 1963 and 1965. Known for employing a language of expressive landscapes and figures painted in hot, violent tones, Thompson experienced painting as a liberating catharsis that allowed him to pour his soul onto canvas, weaving figures and landscapes into a tapestry of color. Thompson actively appropriated the work of European masters including Goya, Poussin, and Piero della Francesca, adapting their compositions and subject matter to his own visionary style and often turning idyllic, classical scenes into contemporary allegorical nightmares. Thompson’s brilliant reworking or European art history stands very much alone in twentieth-century art and reflects the vitality, spirit, and tragedy of his life. In 1966, at age twenty-eight, Thompson died suddenly in Rome. In a brief life that included only eight years of painting, Thompson left a complex body of work that has proved to be of great significance and influence to successive generations of artists. His work is included in many museum collections, and in 1998, the Whitney Museum of American Art organized a major traveling retrospective exhibition, featuring over one hundred of Thompson’s paintings. Michael Rosenfeld Gallery is the exclusive representative of the Estate of Bob Thompson, and since 1996 the gallery has presented three exhibitions, publishing catalogues for each.

Naked at the Edge: Bob Thompson is our fourth solo exhibition for the artist, and is exhibited alongside the solo exhibition, Naked at the Edge: Louis Eilshemius.

Visuals available upon request.

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