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Irene Rice Pereira: Monumental Paintings, 1932-1938

November 17, 1994 – January 22, 1995

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Press Release

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery presents in Gallery II large-scale paintings by Irene Rice-Pereira. Irene Rice Pereira was among the vanguard of early American modernists and a founding member of the avant-garde organization, the American Abstract Artists.

Irene Rice Pereira's paintings from the 1930s have rarely been exhibited; they are the precursors to her later geometric abstractions. On view are seven large canvases from Pereira's seminal years.

Among the bold images are modernist interpretations of the New York City and Washington, DC skylines and cubistic interpretations of industrial forms such as movie projectors, bridges, and ships. All the paintings reflect the artists fascination with the changing visual environment resulting from the machine-age.